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Here at Club Class Golf Repairs we offer a wide range of high quality golf club services and products. Our experts offer golf club repairs on all types of clubs including golf club iron repairs and golf club reshafting. golf club iron repairs are carried out in a swift and professional manner just as our golf club reshafting service is. Our golf club iron and reshafting repairs use only the best materials and with the years of experience our staff have we are proud to be able to cater for all manner of golf club repairs.

However it’s not just repairs that we can offer you, we also have a wide range of products including golf club shafts, golf club grips, golf club graphite wood shafts and golf club graphite iron shafts. The shaft is a very important part of the club – golf club shafts are vital as they balance the flex necessary to transfer power in to your shot with the rigidity required for accuracy. Similarly with graphite golf club shafts fitted to your wood or iron you can expect a better swing speed and a more powerful shot but due to the increased flex you may loose a little accuracy. In general terms a graphite golf club shaft on wood and iron clubs are thought to be better suited to lady golfers where swing speed with a steel club can be an issue. Let’s not forget that all this talk of swing is useless unless you use the correct golf club grips. golf club grips are vitally important to insure the transmission of power and accuracy of the swing to the ball. Not to mention making sure you don’t do an Arnold Palmer and fling your club 50 feet in the air!